Top trending Pastor Musembi songs (2023)

Pastor Musembi songs exhibit a top-notch composition that is marinated with an unnerving desire to serve God. In all his songs, you will be amazed by the uplifting lyrics and the soothing voice. The Gospel songs Pastor Musembi composes are worlds apart from what most contemporary gospel musicians release— his craft is motivated by his commitment to bring good news to lost souls and show them the warmth of being a servant of God.

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In most Pastor Anthony Musembi songs, he comes across as a man who is full of gratitude for all the grace of God. Whenever you listen to Songs by Pastor Musembi, you will begin to see the beautiful things in your life that you had taken for granted. Through songs like Ahadi Za Bwana, you lose yourself in the beauty of a promise; the trust you give in the belief that God will fulfill his promises will set you free from the stress of mundane livity because you know someone who is stronger than your problems is holding your future in place.

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Worship songs by Pastor Musembi are widely celebrated in Kenya and beyond. In fact, most gospel MCs know how crucial it is to include Pastor Musembi songs in their playlists. In churches, Pastor Musembi worship songs precede the prayer sessions as they are slow-paced and the lyrics are well-accentuated to make listening to him a humbling experience.

Pastor Musembi owes his musical success to his soothing voice that warms the hearts of his listeners. Listening to Pastor Musembi songs can be therapeutic especially if you are going through a hard time in your life. While he sings to win souls for God, he does an extra role— making life on earth worth the living. Through his songs, he teaches Christians to let go and let God take the driving seat. And true, his music is devoid of an endless request for earthly dominance but radiates gratitude for the little God has entrusted to us in our earthly travails.

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In the Kenyan gospel scene, Pastor Antony Musembi has created a bar too high that when he releases a song, you just buy without waiting for reviews. The quality of his music transcends the mere sync of kick and snares; from the composition to vocal projection, to instruments, Pastor Musembi songs exhibit a rare zenith of harmony. He does his songs in both Swahili and Kamba languages.

Pastor Antony Musembi most popular songs

1. Ahadi Za Bwana - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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Ahadi za Bwana is a song that talks about the promises of God and his commitment to fulfill his obligations. The song urges Christians to keep on believing in God because God is faithful and always accomplishes whatever we ask in faith.

In the song he goes on to give biblical evidence, he lists all the cases when God promised his servants something and went through to accomplish his covenants with them.

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The song is done in a laid-back tone that sets a harmonious background for Pastor Musembi’s well-thought-out lyrics to fill your heart. He performs in the song as the lead soloist as a choir of women follows in the chorus in meek voices that further envisions the spirit of believer trusting God with his future.

This song was released five years ago but is still dominates airwaves today. This song is a true testament that it is the content of the song that matters more than the pomp in the video. This the song that features dominantly in Pastor Musembi songs mix by popular gospel deejays.

In the song, Pastor Musembi mentions the promises God made to Moses and the Israelites and how he performed his miracles to keep them safe during their 40-year trek through the desert. He also mentions God’s own words to Jeremiah as stated in Jeremiah 1:12; “I am watching my word to perform it.”

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Ahadi Za Bwana is one of the most uplifting gospel songs you will listen to in Kenya. The song will help you renew your faith and forge a new path of trust in God. Should you be feeling hopeless after failing to achieve any milestone in your life, listening to, this song will fill you with immense hope to face life with positivity.

2. Kaa Nami - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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“Kaa Nami” is a Swahili phrase that translates to “Be With Me.” In this song, Pasto Musembi asks Jesus to walk with him through his ministries. He says that the enemy is jealous of the excellent work he is doing for God and wants to destroy him. However, he trusts that God who began the good work in him will stay with him and fortify him against ill-willed people who might want to bring him down.

He says the enemy is hunting him like a wild animal and he cries out to Jesus to stay with him till he completes his mission. This song emphasizes the need to walk with Jesus through everyday life.


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The chorus is straightforward and easy to sing along:

“Kaa nami Yesu

tembea nami

Usiniache nakuhitaji”

You can find the lyrics of the song from the internet and learn it word for word; it might be the best gospel song you ever sang in your church.

3. Niumbie Na Roho Mtakatifu - Pastor Anthony Musembi

This song is inspired by Psalms 51:10 when King David asked God to create him a clean heart. Pastor Musembi puts this message in a beautiful worship song that will not only entertain you but open your heart to the will of God. The song serves as a confession when you feel you have detoured from the path of faith to the pursuit of worldly pleasures.

Since the heart is known to be tenacious in its pursuit, if you have a conceited heart you will need a clean heart to serve God well. The song proceeds to hail the Holy Spirit making it known that their no other stronger power than the Holy Spirit of God. He mentions the fruit of holy spirits asking God to fill his life with these fruits that he may be a better servant.

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4. Mataifa Yote - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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Mataifa Yote is a song that talks about how all nations shall gather before the lord and worship him. It also speaks of the judgment day and how those who have strayed from the path of righteousness will cry before his throne asking for his mercy.

In the song, he mentions how Christians who have worked well for God shall celebrate as they will be ushered into heaven to have an everlasting life with God.

The song is a popular worship tune in most urban churches in Kenya. It is slow-paced and prepares worshippers before moving into in-depth-worship. The piano sets the pace as the drum marinates the song with perfect fluidity. The video begins with a traditional African home setting featuring huts and beautiful plantations.

As in most of his worship songs, the background singers unite in the chorus to give it a unified choral strength. The audio mastery is well done, and the instruments are well-paced to amplify the authoritative voice of Pastor Musembi. The song ends with Pastor Musembi asking his listeners to be soft-hearted when they hear the voice of God. He urges listeners to accept Jesus Christ as the Saviour of humanity.

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This song is not among Pastor Musembi latest gospel songs, but still dominates airwaves. It was released in 2013 but has been part and parcel of worship gatherings to date.

5. Unastahili Na Ni Wewe - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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The song is a praise track that gives God glory. In this song Pastor Musembi talks of all the reasons why God should be worshiped. Living every day as a Christian may sometimes be full of challenges as tragedies may befall you till you cease to see anything good in your life to thank God for. Listening to this song reminds you that even the breath you take in is by the favour of God and that is why he should be worshiped.

The song is upbeat and danceable while at the same times makes you vulnerable as you place your destiny in the hands of God to steer your life. The song breaks into a faced paced section Ni wewe which specifies God as the only deity who deserves to be worshipped.

(Video) Best of Pastor Anthony Musembi 2020

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6. Nakuabudu Na Angalia - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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Nakuabudu is a Swahili word which translates to I worship You. The song is a heart-pouring tune that summons the Holy Spirit to dwell in the midst of worshipers. The song is done in a repetitive refrain that makes it easy for congregations to join in the chorus.

The song is mostly sung in weddings, schools, and even in prayer meetings at homes. The radio stations play it during religious shows and also to soothe the hearts of families during death and funeral announcements on the radio.

In this video, Pastor Musembi has combined two of his songs. At the end of Nakuabudu, he introduces Angalia without breaking the perfect rhythm of the previous song. Angalia continues until the peak when inaudible chants of worship are heard in the background. The song ends in a compelling way that it automatically gets you on your knees to worship God.

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7. Hakuna Wa Kufanana na Yesu - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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Set in the background of plantations, the video of this song elicits a feeling of gratitude to God from just watching the work of his hands. Like most of Pastor Musembi video songs, this song is about uplifting God, making it known all over the world that no other god can be compared to the God of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego.

The song talks about how God uplifts people from grace to grace. The song will give you hope to keep believing in God as it makes it known that God has your best interests at heart.

As the song reaches the middle, Pastor Musembi breaks into a popular refrain; “Na ijulikane kwamba yupo Mungu wa Elijah” which translate to “Let it be known that you exist, God of Elijah.” The song is slow and best befits a worship session. As the song nears its end, the Pastor mentions how God has been faithful to his servants, the same way he was faithful to David and Moses. This song stamps the presence of God in our lives and calls us to submit to his divine plan for our lives. You can always listen to this uplifting song when you are down; it will revive your faith.

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8. Maombi - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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Pastor Musembi pours out his heart to God in this song. When you watch the song, you see the conviction in his eyes about the goodness of God and his commitment to serve him.

The song is entirely a worship song that sets the pace and mood for worship session in churches and open-air crusades. The video is recorded in a church setting featuring Pastor Musembi playing the keyboard and a choir joining in the chorus.

In the song, he asks God to protect us against the works of the devil and to forgive us for the sins we do every day. The song is a prayer, at the peak, it sounds like The Lord’s Prayer in a song. There are songs to be listened to, but other songs are to be experienced. Maombi is one of such songs. This song is pure bliss.

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9. Ibada- Pastor Anthony Musembi

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As Christians there comes the point in our lives when all you need is God’s guidance. In this song asks for God’s guidance in his life. He mentions how tough life is that he can’t live without God’s help.

Pastor Musembi also talks about how the journey of salvation is long and tiring that he needs God’s presence to continue serving him faithfully. Ibada is one of the latest Pastor Musembi songs that have shown his commitment to music as a tool for spreading the word of God.


While most Christians will ask God for financial breakthrough, Pastor Musembi urges God to consecrate him that he may be worthy to be called a servant of God.

The song is fast-paced, and you can sway to its beats, but it is rich in worship lyrics that you will find you listening to the song than dancing. If you have veered far off the path of salvation, listening to this song might help you re-establish your relationship with God.

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10. Nimeamua - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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“Nimeamua” is a Swahili word that translates to “I have decided.” Pastor Musembi states that he has decided from his heart to give God praise and worship.

This promise syncs well with what Joshua says in psalms Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Singing this song reminds us as Christians that we have a role to worship the maker of earth and heaven and give him glory for his love and providence upon our lives.

In a world of distractions, it is easy to get lost in pursuing the perfect life and forget about worshiping God. This song establishes the work of God as a priority in our lives as Christians— something that is captured in Luke 12:13; “Seek ye the kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto you.”

11. Msaada- Pastor Anthony Musembi

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“Msaada” is a Swahili word that translates to “help.” Msaada is a song that cries out to God to help his servant in his daily life.

In the song he mentions that his help comes only from God: “Msaada Wangu ni Wewe Pekee” which translates to “My help comes only from you.” In this song, we see the submissiveness that every believer should have when kneeling before the throne of God who is capable of giving all the help we need in different facets of our lives.

“Nisaidie, Siwezi bila wewe” (Help me, I can’t do anything without you). You will know the power of surrendering to the will of God.

12. Kama Wewe - Pastor Anthony Musembi

This song praises God as no other god can match him. Pastor Musembi goes on to mention that not only humans know and worship God, even the fish of the seas, birds of the air and other inanimate things God created bow before him.

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He also mentions that it is not by science, money, our wisdom, our wealth, our education, or our businesses keep us healthy, but only by the strength of God that our hearts keep beating.

The song also talks about the futility of relying on our strengths as only God knows our destiny and can help change us to be the best versions of ourselves. There is none like God of the Israelites; he is the only one who deserves to be worshipped and praised— this is the core theme in the song.

The video is set to capture some of the most beautiful sceneries; mountains, hills, valleys, forests, and grasslands hence testifies of the wonderful work of the creator.

13. Nishike Mkono - Pastor Anthony Musembi

(Video) Pastor Anthony Musembi Vau Ngelanyoni Na Sumbika Na Mumbi Official Video

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Nishike Mkono is a song that pleads with God to hold our hands and walk with us through our journey here on earth until we get to heaven.

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The chorus is easy to sing along, and the beats are laid back making every word the singers utter to come out clearly. The song is a testament that no one can make it to heaven without the help of God the creator with whom we, as Christians hope to spend eternal life.

Worth noticing in the video is the matching costumes that the singers wore. The men are in matching stripped suits that sync well with the location of the shoot. The ladies are also in matching gold-colored Ankara dresses. Blue is the theme color that dominated the video.

The song ends in the refrain, but the effects of the chorus live long in your memory as the words etch deep in your conscience.

“Nishike, Mkono wangu wewe bwana
Twende na wewe
Hadi mbinguni”

Translates to:

“Hold my hands, my lord
Walks with me
Until we reach Heaven.”

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15. Baraka Yako - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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In this song, Pastor Musembi talks about the blessings of God and how they bring joy, but never comes with collateral damage like wealth acquired through evil means.

This song is celebratory, and the video features worshippers who are happy and contended with the blessings of God in their lives.

While many people want to live largely and can even source prosperity by selling their souls to the devil, this song reminds us to rejoice in the little blessings that God send our way. It is faith with contentment that can help us live with happiness in our lives.

16. Jehovah Yu Mwema - Pastor Anthony Musembi

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We all revel at the goodness of God. Just having that belief that God has good intentions for our lives as described in Jeremiah 29:11;

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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This song praises the Lord for he has done in our lives and applauds him as the supreme authority on whom our lives depend. If you have ever thought of God as a friend, this song will make him even dearer to you a journey through life.

Pastor Musembi Kamba songs

Pastor Musembi has done most of his songs in Kiswahili to be understood in Kenya and beyond. However, he has also done a lot of his songs in his mother tongue; Kamba language. Here are some of the songs he did in Kamba.

  • Vau Ngelanyoni Na Sumbika Na Mumbi
  • Maundu Mosenyo
  • Kithaitho
  • Mauathimo
  • Kithaitho asi

Pastor Antony Musembi has devoted himself to spreading the word of God through music. His success can be attributed to his steadfastness in faith. Pastor Musembi songs will live longer even after he passes; this should be an inspiration to someone who would like to tread the same path.


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