Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (2022)

With the release of Theros Beyond Death, I considered doing a review of the entire set for Oathbreaker. Instead, I’ve opted to go over my top 10 cards in each color, my top 10 multicolor cards, and do a final top 10 including colorless cards, lands, planeswalker deck cards and themed booster exclusives. I will be writing a separate article for each of these, of course. This is the penultimate part of that series, going over multicolor cards. To be completely clear, my top 10s will be based on how strong I think a card is going to be in Oathbreaker. With all that out of the way, let’s get started!

#10: Rise to Glory

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Rise to Glory made it onto this list primarily because I’m interested to see how it will potentially be built around as a Signature Spell. More traditional reanimator strategies already exist in Oathbreaker, but I don’t think I’ve seen any decks built to reanimate both creatures and auras before. Reanimating an Avacyn, Angel of Hope sounds nice, but what about reanimating an Avacyn andan Eldrazi Conscription? This kind of deck would undoubtedly be a high-risk-high-reward strategy, particularly since it will probably be difficult to cast Rise to Glory from the command zone more than once per game. Regardless, the possibilities are intriguing and I’m excited to see people brew around this spicy new spell.

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#9: Staggering Insight

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Like many auras, Staggering Insight will likely be most at home in a bogles deck, but I could see it showing up in various evasive strategies. This card reminds me a little of Curious Obsession, except Staggering Insight doesn’t force you to attack every turn. The incidental lifegain is another nice upside that will help keep you alive as you beatdown your opponents. Flyers lists and white-blue iterations of merfolk tribal could potentially use this card, as well as some tempo strategies. It’s a bit unfortunate that the draw trigger doesn’t happen when you deal combat damage to a planeswalker, but that won’t be enough of a downside to keep this sweet new aura from seeing play in Oathbreaker.

#8: Bronzehide Lion

Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (3)
Bronzehide Lion joins Watchwolf and Fleecemane Lion on the list of 3/3s costing a green and a white mana. The ability on Bronzehide Lion is like an oddly reversed version of the bestow mechanic. I’m always of fan of creatures that give some kind of extra value upon death, though this card’s effect is a bit unusual. The activated ability is both a nice combat trick and some handy protection against most removal. I’m not entirely sure whether this card would fit better in a bogles strategy or a more general midrange deck, but I expect Bronzehide Lion will find some homes of its own in Oathbreaker. Cat tribal, perhaps?

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#7: Allure of the Unknown

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I love the political shenanigans in multiplayer formats, and Allure of the Unknown is ripe with potential in this regard. This card is pretty terrible in singleplayer formats where your opponent will just take the best card each time, but there is usually room for deals to be made in multiplayer formats. Outside of political possibilities, Allure of the Unknown could also prove useful in a burn deck. Giving an opponent one free burn spell isn’t much of a downside when you’re refilling your hand with even more action. Whether it’s played as a Signature Spell or a card in the 58, Allure of the Unknown is sure to spice up whatever games it is played in.

#6: Kunoros, Hound of Athreos

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As a form of graveyard hate, Kunoros, Hound of Athreos isn’t quite as potent as cards like Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void, but those cards can’t attack or block. All three of Kunoros’s keywords are very relevant in Oathbreaker; menace makes him more difficult to block, lifelink helps keep you alive, and vigilance lets him attack opposing Oathbreakers and defend your own at the same time. The other effects on this card stop a wide variety of graveyard abilities as well, like flashback, retrace, unearth, and plenty more. Make no mistake, this new hate-hound is a very good boy, and I look forward to seeing how he’ll play out in various Oathbreaker decks.

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#5: Calix, Destiny’s Hand

Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (6)
Calix is probably the narrowest of the new Oathbreakers from this set, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Previously, the only clear option for an enchantments-based Oathbreaker deck was Estrid, the Masked, and Calix serves as an interesting new option for players that may not want to play three colors. Goblin Wizard over on Breakin’ Brews recently posted an article going over a variety of ways to build around Calix, and I look forward to seeing how different players will brew around this new planeswalker going forward.

#4: Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger

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Kroxa is one of the first two Elder Giants ever to be printed, and he certainly lives up to the title. The enter-the-battlefield/attack trigger on Kroxa is particularly potent in a multiplayer format like Oathbreaker. In a four-player game, Kroxa costs two mana to make three opponents each discard a card, and then deal up to 9 points of damage divided among those opponents depending on what they discard. If Kroxa’s rules text ended there then I would say he’s already very playable in Oathbreaker, but that’s just the front end of the card. Later in the game, you can pay Kroxa’s escape cost to reap all of the same benefits, in addition to getting a 6/6 that repeats the effect every time it attacks. I expect to see Kroxa show up in many discard-strategies and aggressive decks, at the very least, and I’m sure he’ll prove to be a powerhouse in whatever decks decide to run him.

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#3: Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath

Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (8)
Although the sacrifice and escape parts of this card are similar to Kroxa, Uro is powerful for a different reason. Kroxa’s ability is strong because of how it scales in a multiplayer setting, whereas Uro’s ability is just good old-fashioned value. Uro’s effect is very similar to Growth Spiral, and for that reason, he could easily fit into a blue-green ramp deck with the likes of Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner. The escape cost on Uro also means he could fit well in a self-mill strategy with Tamiyo, Collector of Tales. Having said that, Uro’s abilities don’t limit him to those kinds of archetypes. Any deck that likes gaining life, drawing cards and playing extra lands would be happy to run Uro somewhere in the 58, so this Elder Titan will have no problem finding many homes for itself in Oathbreaker.

#2: Klothys, God of Destiny

Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (9)
I never thought I would live to see the day that Deathrite Shaman ascended to godhood. In all seriousness, I think Klothys, God of Destiny is a deceivingly powerful card, especially in Oathbreaker. Given the multiplayer nature of the format, Klothys will likely have no shortage of exile targets, and dealing two damage to each opponent every turn is a real clock in a 20-life format. She does require seven devotion to green and red in order to be a creature but to be honest, I think I would rather have her just be an indestructible enchantment most of the time in order to keep her less susceptible to removal. Her ability doesn’t shoehorn her into any particular strategy, and I would be happy to run this card in any, or all, of my green-red decks. Although she may not look quite as powerful as the Elder Titans on the surface, I think Klothys will eventually prove herself to be a very strong card in Oathbreaker.

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#1: Ashiok, Nightmare Muse

Top 10 Multicolor Cards – The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast (10)
I am so psyched that we finally have a version of Ashiok that makes nightmare tokens, and this is easily my favorite incarnation of this planeswalker. As far as Oathbreaker goes, Ashiok, Nightmare Muse is strong enough to be built around as an Oathbreaker or to find a spot in the 58 of various lists. Midrange and control decks can easily take advantage of this card, but the possibilities don’t end there. Ashiok’s nightmare tokens can supplement a mill strategy all while clogging up the board, and their last ability even opens up the possibility of building an “exiles matters” deck. It’s also worth noting that Ashiok’s second ability can get rid of an opposing Oathbreaker, at least temporarily. There’s no shortage of ways to build around Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, and they are easily my top multicolored card and new Oathbreaker from this set.

What are your favorite multicolored cards from Theros Beyond Death? Are there any cards you’re particularly excited to try out in Oathbreaker? Make sure to tell me in the comments or on Twitter! The next article will be the final installment of this series, and it will include a list of my overall top 10 cards from this set for Oathbreaker.

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About the author:My name is Alex Enders. I am a college student that’s been playing MTG for almost eight years, though I only recently began experimenting with writing content. My personal formats of choice are Oathbreaker, EDH, and draft. My other interests include music, education, and most things nerdy. You can find me on Twitter (@AAAEnders) or email me at


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