The Premier Paint and Sip | Tribeca, NY | Muse Paintbar (2023)

  • Whisper B

    Whisper Blanchard is a small, flowering plant that flourishes best near ocean water. She is currently a Creative Writing major at Purchase College, however she was originally born-and-raised in Miami, FL where she attended Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) for fine art and Graphic Design. Whisper considers the act of making art to be both an act of creation, and an act of preservation: of an idea, a feeling, a state of being. She has a theory that everyone lives many little lives throughout one lifetime; that each time we grow, we say goodbye to a past self, and that making art can help us to both record this experience, and better understand it. Whisper believes thoroughly in art that involves multimedia, and has experience in drawing & painting, film & digital photography, graphic design, printmaking, and sculpture.

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  • Melanie H

    Melanie is a pop-surrealist illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. Self taught, Melanie's illustrations embody fantasy while showing the influence of her background in cartooning, character design, and comic art. From the beginning, she has always influenced and encouraged others to embrace a more relaxed and creative approach when it comes to self-expression. When not in the studio, Melanie can be found tweaking her sketchbook and drafting new art for her upcoming shows.

    (Video) Muse Paintbar - The Premier Paint & Sip Experience

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  • Sofia L

    Sofia is a multimedia visual artist based in New York City. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and has been developing her artistic process throughout her life, creating works of any medium that are often based on experimentation and exploring ways of relating to the world through art. Within her own body of work, Sofia enjoys centering and exploring unifying motifs of love, loss, grief, self, and humanity, and although much of her work involves various mediums, her concentration is mainly in painting and printmaking. Sofia has shown her work in several exhibitions and art collectives around NYC, where she currently lives and works.

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  • Abelard A

    Abelard is a visual storyteller, illustrator, and character artist who's an on-going student of the game as the field continuously changes. With his free time he loves to draw original characters and illustrations ranging from concept art, book art and even comics/manga As an advocate for visual storytelling and self-expression, Abelard feels everyone has an artists' potential within them, some just dont tap into it as much as others! With the stroke of a brush we could all release a days worth of stress at the Muse Paint Bar!

    (Video) Paint Night at MUSE PAINTBAR! 🎨 (I tried my best)

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  • Erika K

    Ever since Erika can remember she liked to draw. She would spend hours drawing instead of doing other things kids might be doing at a young age. Art class was always her favorite, and some of her teachers would end up being some of the her biggest role models for her lifetime. Growing up she would win awards in art and would participate in art activities in high school like AP Art Portfolio, TV Production, and gallery showings like the towns library. In high school was when Erika had an art teacher that told her she had a distinct style with ink design and that she should stick with because it was original. After graduating Erika went on to peruse working with children and adults with art that lead her towards working in fine art galleries for many years including places like Art Basel Miami and New York City. Erika now finds herself loving working with people with art as a form of therapy and is currently in the process of practicing how to tattoo. In her down time she hand designs her own lampshades, and during the pandemic found herself hand making her own coloring books for both children and adults. If you would like to personally check out Erika's artwork her Instagram is @erikakafureart Erika would like continue helping people with art as a form of therapy, and plans to go back to school to get her masters in psychology in hopes of traveling the world and helping people of all ages who need art but may not have as easy access to it. She hopes that you come to Muse to have a good time, relax and enjoy a glass of wine in good company.

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  • Alvaro L

    Born in Lima, Per?, he currently resides in Harlem, NYC. Alvaro began his education at the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad in Lima, initially studying Advertising Design. In 2001 he arrived in the USA and went deep into art as a form of escapism. Further on, Professor Robert Liberace introduced him to Anatomy and the figure. Once emerged on that path he enrolled at the New York Academy of Art to obtain his Masters in Fine Arts degree, concentrating on sculpture. Since then, Alvaro has been sculpting, drawing, instructing and exhibiting in the NYC area, California, and various other cities.


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  • Aston P

    Aston Philip is a painter originally from Sydney, Australia and now based in New York City. Aston's paintings have been exhibited at many notable Museums and Galleries including The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Artspace, Galerie Pompom, Campbelltown Art Centre and Gouldburn Regional Art Gallery, all in Australia. Recently his works have been included in exhibitions with The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center and Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, Gallery Aferro in Newark and he has an upcoming solo exhibition planned for the Australian Consulate General Office in New York City. Aston's paintings and his interest in the environment and sustainability led to artist residencies at the Hafnarborg Centre for Contemporary Art in Iceland and at Bundanon in the pristine Shaolhaven Valley in Australia. In 2018 he undertook a 12 month artist in residence program at Trestle Art Space, through which, he developed his current paint tapestry technique. Spurred on by this new fascination with weaving and tapestry combined with his ongoing interest in botanical and animal illustration, he is now researching the decorative use of flora and fauna in historical crafts as a form of cataloging biodiversity. Aston's love of the environment and painting promotes the long standing connection of nature in art since the first known paintings, tens of thousands of years ago.

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  • Andy G

    Andy grew up in the suburbs of Long Island in a household that encouraged creative expression. As a child he was drawn to the arts and spent many hours drawing and playing the piano. At Stony Brook University Andy studied oil painting, drawing, and sculpture. He has shown his work in galleries in Brooklyn, the Hamptons and in local coffee shops. Andy's art is inspired by the natural world and currently he is creating surreal imagery using acrylic paint. To him, art is extremely therapeutic and he hopes to convey that feeling at Muse. In his spare time, he enjoys learning new languages, hiking, and visiting galleries and museums.

    (Video) Muse Paintbar with Bae

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  • Alyssa M

    Meet Alyssa, she is a freelance illustrator who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History. In addition to illustration, she also works in storyboarding, visual development and character design. When Alyssa isn't working on freelance or continuing art education deadlines, she can be found at Muse Paint Bar sharing her appreciation for traditional painting through teaching. Art is a big part of Alyssa's life however she also enjoys relaxing with her cats, playing board games with her friends and video games with her brother.

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