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Shorts (Sec)



by Harrison Amer

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(Video) [No Copyright Music] - Aspire To Inspire Track - PremiumBeat

Mind Field

by Remember The Future

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Design for Life

(Video) [Royalty Free Music] - We Made This Track - PremiumBeat

by Young Presidents

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Green Fever

by Flash Fluharty

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(Video) [No Copyright Music] - Atomic Heart Track - PremiumBeat

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Background Music for Any Project

Corporate presentations, vlog posts, wedding videos, and beyond. Our music isn’t just for big scale film productions. Whatever your project, our background music can help get your message across in style. Dive into our collection and find your perfect track.

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Amplify Emotion with the Right Music

Video background music can be a powerful tool. The right track can make characters more relatable and every plot twist more shocking. Because our library has been curated with the unique demands of video storytelling in mind, your project will hit all the right emotional beats, every time.

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Exclusive, Hand-Picked Music

Ready to go beyond the typical stock music sound? Working with talented, professional composers, our music team handpicks only the very best royalty-free tracks. This ensures that our background music selection is high quality and constantly evolving. With PremiumBeat, you’ll find stunning music, fast.

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Make YouTube™ Videos Stand Out

Whether you want your YouTube video to go viral or if you’re just sharing vacation memories with friends, the right music can make all the difference. With a collection that spans over 30 diverse genres, we’ve made it easy to find your video’s perfect soundtrack. Plus, we’ve taken care of the copyright side of things too. You won’t ever need to worry about video flagging or royalty issues.


About video background music

About video background music

What is a good background music for videos?

There are a few general guidelines when it comes to picking out the best background music for videos. Ideally, the background music is unobtrusive. Background music with lyrics can compete with the words spoken by the person featured in the video. Viewers may find this aural overlap distracting, which detracts from the overall effectiveness of your video.

By using instrumental background music, you can avoid this problem entirely. Acoustic music or ambient music can work well as lyric-free background tracks in videos. The specific genre of music you choose to use as background music in a video will depend largely on the content and tone of that video. If your video is more serious or features heavy subject matter, a slow-paced orchestral piece may be appropriate. If your project is light-hearted or comedic, a song on the bouncy and bright side would be better suited to the video content.

Where to get video background music?

If you are looking for a music library with a vast selection of background music tracks, you have come to the right place. PremiumBeat is home to thousands of high-quality, royalty-free audio tracks, so you are sure to have your choice of background music. To find the perfect song for your video project, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Use the advanced filters to specify the exact sort of audio clip you want to hear. You can search by Genre, Mood, Instrument, BPM, and more.

Found a song you love and want to hear more like it? Simply click the title of the song to go to its page and scroll down to “More songs like this one” to begin building a playlist. Add your favorite tracks to your cart and head to check out to select the appropriate music license for your project. Our flexible license options cover personal use projects and commercial projects. Pay a one-time fee and use your royalty-free background music in perpetuity.

How to choose your video's background music?

The audio tracks you choose to use as your video’s background music will depend largely on the content of your video.

  • Background music for company video: PremiumBeat’s “corporate” music genre is filled with empowering, motivational tracks meant to inspire your audience. Listen to your options in order to land on the track that matches the tone of your company.
  • Background music for thank you video: PremiumBeat’s “Mood” filter allows you to search for tracks that fall under the “Romantic / Sentimental” category, which may well be a good place to start when looking for heartfelt thank you tracks. Warm, feel-good beats pair well with gratitude-focused content.
  • Background music for underwater video: Enter keyword “underwater” into PremiumBeat’s search engine to find a variety of tracks carefully created to offer listeners the sense that they are under the sea. Atmospheric and serene tracks await, featuring music notes that seem to tinkle down like rain.
  • Video background music for YouTube: When it comes to choosing background music for YouTube, you want to make sure the music matches the tone of your channel in terms of both your personality and your content. Think of some adjectives you would use to describe your YouTube channel and then search PremiumBeat using those keywords. You are bound to find some awesome background music in no time.
  • Video background music for presentation: Aim for music that will keep your audience engaged. Upbeat background tracks can enliven your presentation and instill a positive mood in your viewers. Opt for instrumental tracks to avoid distracting lyrics.
  • Video background music for travel: PremiumBeat’s vast selection of “Adventure / Discovery” music is here to ensure that you find the perfect background track for your travel video. Alternatively, you can search for music from specific parts of the world by clicking the “Genres” filter and scrolling down to “Vocals” or “World.”

How to buy music rights for video background music?

If you intend to use a piece of music as a video background track, you will need to obtain both the synchronization and master license. The synchronization, also known as the “sync” license, grants the licensee the right to use the track in conjunction with an audiovisual project. This license is generally required when using music in TV shows, films, commercial videos, YouTube videos, and so on. It is usually the music publisher that issues this license. The master license, on the other hand, transfers the rights to the original recording of the song to the licensee. This license comes from the record company that recorded the original artist’s music.

The process of obtaining both the sync and master license can be time-consuming and pricy. To skip this headache, simply find royalty-free stock music tracks you love on PremiumBeat. We have simplified the music licensing process so that all you need to do is select the license that meets the needs of your multimedia projects and pay a one-time fee to obtain the rights to your tracks.

(Video) [Royalty Free Music] - The World Is Yours Track - PremiumBeat

How to add background music to your video?

The steps required to add background music to a video vary depending on the platform you are using.

  • How to add background music in YouTube video (with editing software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro)

Begin by opening your chosen video editing software, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Drag and drop your video background music downloads into the software in order to edit the tracks into the video. Try to time certain visual cuts with shifts in the music. Matching visual actions to the audio track can help keep viewers engaged.

  • How to add background music to a video on mobile device - Android, iPhone

To add background music to a video on a mobile device such as an iPhone, use iMovie software. This is free to download. Click the “+” icon in the top left corner to add a video clip. Click the “+” icon again and select “music.” Click the “songs” option. This will pull up any tracks you have already installed on your mobile device. Tap your chosen track. It will appear beneath your video clip on the editing timeline. You can then choose to adjust the audio of your video or musical track. To add background music to a video on an Android, the steps are similar but the software is slightly different.

  • How to add background music on social media video - Instagram

One option is to upload your creative assets to your computer. Record your Instagram video on your phone as your musical track plays from the computer in the background. Another option is to create your Instagram video using editing software. Add your music to this software so that you can edit your video in time to the music.


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Music for Any Video Project

The royalty-free music on PremiumBeat makes an excellent addition to film trailers, feature-length films, company videos, travel vlogs, and more. Explore our many genre and subgenre options to find your perfect background track today.

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Fill the Silence

Skip the awkward silence by adding atmospheric background music clips to your projects. Ease transitions or enhance the mood of a wordless scene. Listen to PremiumBeat’s Ambient or Acoustic music to find good background music for videos in no time.

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Set the Tone

High-quality background music has the power to wordlessly establish the tone of a video. Search PremiumBeat using the “Mood” filter to quickly and easily find tracks that match the tone of your project. Our library has everything from “Feel Good” to “Nostalgic” and all manner of moods in between.


1. [Background Music] - Coming Up Roses Track - PremiumBeat
(PremiumBeat by Shutterstock)
2. PremiumBeat Royalty-Free Music - Is it Any Good?
(Momentum Productions)
3. [Rights Free Music] - Golden Skies Track - PremiumBeat
(PremiumBeat by Shutterstock)
4. [Background Vlog Music] - Big Titanium Track - PremiumBeat
(PremiumBeat by Shutterstock)
5. - High Quality Royalty Free Music
(PremiumBeat by Shutterstock)
6. [Royalty Free Music] - Sun Shine Track - PremiumBeat
(PremiumBeat by Shutterstock)

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