MCA - Rentals at the MCA (2023)

Interested in hosting your next event at the MCA? Tell us about your rental needs or schedule a walkthrough by submitting an information request. You can also contact us via email or by phone, 312-397-3872, Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm.

For Marisol private dining inquiries, visit

Weddings and Social Events

Unique, sophisticated, and home to some of the most important art of our time, the MCA also boasts an atrium, terrace, and sculpture garden with striking views of Lake Michigan. These customizable accommodations are perfect for designing a truly contemporary event. Why settle for ordinary?

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Corporate or Nonprofit Events and Meetings

Featuring spacious and flexible event spaces, the MCA provides a sophisticated and distinct setting for your company’s event. Our unique indoor/outdoor event spaces will impress your guests and inspire creativity among colleagues. In addition, your guests are just steps away from the MCA’s collection and special exhibitions, adding an artful twist to your event.

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The Private Dining Room in Marisol

Seasonally agile dishes served amidst stunning decor in an art-filled atmosphere—the Private Dining Room in Marisol is available to make any event a memorable experience. Whether a corporate lunch or an intimate family reception, the 40-person private room on the museum's street level is the ideal location for any contemporary gathering. Inquire about date availability by filling out our form. We hope to host you soon.

Want to make your event even more unique? Gain an intimate view of our exhibitions by booking a private tour. Learn about our tour offerings on our Tours page.

Looking to book the Edlis Neeson Theater? Check out the technical specifications of the space to see if we can accommodate your needs.

The MCA Store offers a wide variety of items by contemporary designers and artists—and at all price points—that your guests will love.

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Yes. The MCA has a convenient public parking ramp located at Chicago and Fairbanks. All guests and vendors are offered our flat-rate parking discount during your special event. Guests can pick up a parking validation during the event at coat check. Fully paid parking vouchers are also available for purchase. Please contact us for more details. Find additional information and directions to the MCA on our Visit page.

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Yes. MCA Catering is our exclusive in-house catering partner. All food and beverage (including alcohol) for your event must be purchased through MCA Catering. Tenting for events must also be provided by our approved vendor. Please contact us for more details.

Managers from the MCA rentals team and the MCA Catering team will be on site from start to finish on your event day—from setup until every vendor leaves the building. The MCA also provides security, housekeeping, and a building engineer on site during your event.

Yes. Gallery access is provided for up to three hours when you rent our main floor for an event. Galleries on the upper floors can be opened for an additional fee. Food and drink are not permitted inside of the galleries. Rental of the theater or 3rd-floor conference room do not include gallery access.

Yes. The MCA is pleased to offer complimentary use of our tables, chairs, and lounge furniture on site. We have 66-inch-round tables, high boys, café tables, silver chairs, and various lounge furniture. Please contact us for more details.

Yes. In our standard rental fee, complimentary staffed coat check services are included.

For an additional fee, the MCA can provide certain AV services for your event.

$150 each—2 Sennheiser wireless handheld or headset microphones (4-hour battery life)
$50—1 Shure Beta58 wired microphone
$200 each—6 Sennheiser wireless speakers (4-hour battery life)
$25 each—6 Ultimate speaker stands
$150—1 Apple Airport Extreme & dedicated iPad for Sennheiser wireless control
$25 each—2 adjustable tables for iPad/laptop
$250—1 Panasonic LCD projector (7000 lumens, standard or short-throw lens options)
$50—1 projector cart 3’ tall
$150—1 Da-Lite Tripod Projection screen (5’ x 6’)
$350—1 Da-Lite Fast-Fold Projection screen (10’6” x 14’; requires two AV technicians to set up & strike)
$150—1 Apple Macbook Pro laptop with HDMI video output
$150—1 HP Windows laptop with DVD player and HDMI video output
$300—1 Roland VH-40 video mixer
$150 each—3 stage riser sections (4’ x 8’ x 18”)
$50 each—3 stage railings (4’ x 4’)
$15 each—7 fabric stage dressings (4’; black with Velcro mounting attachments)
$50 each—4 Proline ThinTri64 LED stage lights
$100—1 Proline Venue Control 16 DMX lighting mixer
$150 each—2 Pioneer PLC-100X-1000 turntables (DJ should provide their own needle cartridges)
$150 each—2 Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus CDJs
$75—1 Pioneer DJM-750-K mixer
$250—2 QSC K12 PA loudspeakers
$150—3 QSC K10 stage monitors
$300—1 QSC KSub subwoofer
$100—1 Mackie ProFX 12-channel analog mixer
$350—1 Mackie DL1608 16-channel digital mixer including dedicated iPad for wireless control
$250—1 sound processing rack (8-space)
$150 each—3 Shure Beta58 wireless microphones
$50 each—3 Shure Beta58 wired microphones
$25 each—6 microphone stands
$50–250—required power and audio cabling (based on scale)

Yes. We allow vendors to begin load in 1 1/2 hours prior to your event start time (e.g. 4:30 pm for a 6 pm start time). Set up must occur after the museum closes. We also include 1 1/2 hours of breakdown time once your event ends. If your vendors require extensive setup or breakdown times, please notify us to discuss their specific needs and we will try to accommodate them.

Yes. The MCA has accessible entrances, elevators, and restrooms.

The museum requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit with a signed facility rental contract. Your final facility rental balance is due six weeks prior to your event. MCA Catering also requires a signed catering contract and a nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking. Catering must be paid in full the week prior to your event.

Yes. The MCA is pleased to have three preferred hotel partners: the Ritz Carlton, The Whitehall Hotel, and Aloft Mag Mile. Please contact them directly for rates and availability. Be sure to mention that you are hosting your event with the MCA.

We would be happy to set up a personal site visit to show you the museum and discuss your event. Site visits typically take place Tuesday–Friday during business hours (10 am–5 pm). Visits typically take 30–45 minutes. Please contact us to set up a time.

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Absolutely! The Edlis Neeson Theater is available for lectures, performances, and events. Take a look at the rental page or review the technical specifications.

Hotel Partners and Related Media

MCA Catering

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Our food philosophy is simple: make it delicious! We start by sourcing the best local ingredients possible and work closely with farmers and artisan producers who take as much care for their products as we do for our guests.

Married at the Museum

MCA - Rentals at the MCA (26)

For information on pricing and spaces, view our rental brochure.

Preferred Hotel Partners

The Whitehall Hotel
MCA - Rentals at the MCA (27)
105 East Delaware Place, Chicago, IL 60611
MCA - Rentals at the MCA (28)
243 East Ontario Street, Chicago, IL 60611

Caption info

Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans II, 1969. Screenprint on paper; 35 × 23 in. (88.9 × 58.4 cm). Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, gift of Beatrice Cummings Mayer, 1991.89.1. © 2018 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago; Marisol, Six Women, 1965–66. Wood, paint, mirrors, shoes, formica, and plaster; 69 × 105 × 52 in. (175.3 × 266.7 × 132.1 cm). Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, gift of the artist, 1968.1. © 2018 Estate of Marisol / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago; Catering at an MCA wedding. Photo: Jennifer Shaffer Photography,; Wedding in the MCA's atrium. Photo: Jennifer Shaffer Photography,; A newly married couple dancing. Photo: Jennifer Shaffer Photography,; A newly married couple on the terrace photo. Photo: Jennifer Shaffer Photography,; Callie Lipkin, exterior photo. Photo: Callie Lipkin Photography.

MCA Contact Information

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 220 E Chicago Ave
Chicago IL 60611


Museum Hours

  • Wed–Sun 10 am–5 pm
  • Tue 10 am–9 pm
  • Mon Closed

Store Hours

  • Tue 10am-9pm
  • Wed–Sun 10 am–5:30 pm
  • Mon Closed

Holiday Hours

The museum is closed New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Suggested Admission

Students, teachers and seniors
MCA Members and anyone 18 and under

Special rates

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How do you pass a capacity assessment? ›

Begin by applying the six capacity assessment principles.
  1. Always presume a person has capacity. ...
  2. Capacity is decision specific. ...
  3. Don't assume a person lacks capacity based on appearances. ...
  4. Assess a person's decision-making ability - not the decision they make. ...
  5. Respect a person's privacy.
7 Feb 2022

What are the 4 questions that must be considered when making a decision specific capacity assessment? ›

The MCA says that a person is unable to make their own decision if they cannot do one or more of the following four things: Understand information given to them. Retain that information long enough to be able to make the decision. Weigh up the information available to make the decision.

What does the MCA assessment look at? ›

How is mental capacity assessed? The MCA sets out a 2-stage test of capacity: 1) Does the person have an impairment of their mind or brain, whether as a result of an illness, or external factors such as alcohol or drug use? 2) Does the impairment mean the person is unable to make a specific decision when they need to?

What are the 5 key principles of the MCA? ›

Once you've decided that capacity is lacking, use principles 4 and 5 to support the decision-making process.
  • Principle 1: A presumption of capacity. ...
  • Principle 2: Individuals being supported to make their own decisions. ...
  • Principle 3: Unwise decisions. ...
  • Principle 4: Best interests. ...
  • Principle 5: Less restrictive option.

How do you prove lack of capacity? ›

To decide whether you lack capacity, they then need to ask whether you are unable to make the decision because of a short-term or long-term condition, such as: an illness. the effects of medication. being unconscious.

What questions are asked in a capacity assessment? ›

What triggered this assessment? What is the specific decision? What practicable steps have been taken to enable and support the person to participate in the decision-making process? Is the individual able to understand the relevant information?


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