I Believe for Every Drop of Rain that Falls, a Flower Grows - This I Believe (2022)

The title of this story is the first line of the song “I Believe,” which inspired me to write about my love of music. I believe in the power of a song. Whether the song is sung, played, or just sitting on a piece of paper, nothing else can compare to what a song can do to people. I think back to my grandpa telling stories of his quartet going to Vietnam to entertain the troops to help grasp the power of a song. When those that are defending this great country are barely getting by in life, music will always be something to bring them out of their woes. I also think back to a time in my life when music seriously touched my heart. I was at a funeral for a friend of the family very close to the age of my beloved grandfather, when a song came on that made me burst out into tears for a man whose life had not been that close to me. The song, “I’ll Never Pass this Way Again”, is a beautiful song that always brings an inexplicable emotion. My dad was the bass singer of the barbershop quartet in the recording, but the song is really a solo. The lead singer of the quartet was a man with passion unmatched by any other individual. Randy Chisholm died when I was about 9 years ago but whenever I see a video of him singing this song or I hear an audio recording of it I get choked up. There is never a dry eye in the house when it is played. The effect a song can have on the human soul is extraordinary. No form of entertainment can evoke such emotion in so little time. Was it the fact that the lead singer had passed on and he will never pass this way again as the lyrics suggest, or was it that I could be running out of years with my grandfather that caused me to cry? I don’t know, and to be frank it’s not important what the cause was, but it moved me in a way nothing else had before or has since.

One of my favorite movies is “Amadeus.” In this movie story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is told by his arch-nemesis Antonio Salieri. Salieri wanted nothing more than to be the greatest composer of his time. At a very young age something moved him so much that he could not live without having music to express his life. When it became clear to Salieri that he was never going to be better than Mozart, he tried to do anything possible to destroy Mozart. In the most memorable scene of this movie, Mozart’s wife secretly brings Salieri some of her husband’s compositions, without his knowledge, to see if they are worth any money. While making his way through the pages, filled with chicken-scratched notes, Salieri begins to hear the notes come to life, as if the parchment was a full symphony, and seems to fall into a trance. This goes on until he cannot take it anymore and drops the manuscript onto the floor, much to the surprise of Mrs. Mozart. She asks, in her simpleton tone, “Is it not good?” His reply, “It is miraculous.” While telling his life story, the elderly Salieri states many times that every time he heard Mozart’s music it was as if the voice of God was speaking to him. Salieri’s hate for Mozart eventually grew to admiration when he learned of the tortures of his life. Salieri was so moved, that he was willing to help Mozart write his greatest work on while lying sick on his deathbed. As Mozart was falling in and out of consciousness, Salieri was by his bedside dictating the notes his counterpart sang to him. The piece written was Mozart’s Requiem in Dm and is performed annually on the anniversary of his death. I was lucky enough to perform it in high school during an honors choir festival; a performance I will never forget.

Music not only has a spiritual and emotional impact on people, but also a physical effect that allows people to relax. Without the extra tension I am able do things that usually take considerable effort more easily. One of my Math teachers in high school would always bring in a boom box and play Mozart or Beethoven on test days. That was by far my most successful Math class, because after I got past the distraction of wanting to listen to the beautiful music, I was able to concentrate on the problems and remember formulas I spent hours studying (I use the word loosely!). Music helped me all throughout high school and my first year of college to achieve high marks without too much stress.

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As I look back on the times in my life when music made me feel better, I don’t have to look far. Last week I was sick with a cold, when I turned on some of my favorite music. After a few minutes of listening to the sweet harmonies of the a cappella music I love, my congestion subsided and I felt clear as a bell. My symptoms did not come back until the next morning. Though music did not cure my sickness, it brought temporary relief that lasted all night, and I felt good if only for a few hours. The science of music lends itself to many careers in Music Therapy.

A couple of years ago a college quartet called Vocal Spectrum went to Washington DC to the Veterans’ Hospital to sing for soldiers who had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries. When they walked by the amputee ward, their host for the trip said the people inside would be in such a depressed state that their singing would not have any effect and would put a damper on the whole trip. They decided they wanted to sing for the amputees anyway. When they went into the individual rooms to sing to the men and women, an atmosphere of deep admiration surrounded them. The nurses said it was the first time many of the soldiers had smiled since returning from war. Their singing helped fill void that losing a limb had caused, and for a short time they were happy. This group has gone on to be very successful, yet they make it a point to return to the Veteran’s Hospital every time they do a show in the Washington DC area.

A song can inspire love, sadness, happiness, and even hatred. When Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” first premiered in Paris, France in 1913, it was met with a riotous crowd that left before the first act had ended. It was different than anything the cultured Parisians had ever heard, and, without the power to realize how spectacular the music was, they allowed it to upset them to the point that no insult could be strong enough to state how it made them feel. The ballet has gone on to be one of the most heralded pieces of music ever written or performed, yet when it was first displayed popular opinion said it was terrible. Music has a way of inspiring people to do great things, but it also can offend people who do not realize what the message is.

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When I heard about the “This I Believe” program my mind immediately went to the song “I Believe”. I remember my grandfather telling a story about when his quartet sang it on a show and the bass was singing the solo. When he started to sing it a beautiful girl walked right into his line of sight and he repeated the first line of the song “I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows” for about three measures and the quartet improvised the final time and sang “and grows and grows”, to the howling laughter of the audience. The only way to sum up the way I feel about music is to play this song. Here are the powerful lyrics of this song for those who are reading this online, and cannot hear the piece:

I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows.

(Video) ♥ "I Believe" - by The Lettermen

I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way.

I believe, I believe.

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard.

(Video) Robson & Jerome - I Believe

I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word.

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, or touch a leaf or see the sky,

Then I know why I believe!

(Video) The Bachelors - I Believe


Who wrote I believe in every drop of rain that falls? ›

I Believe

Who wrote I believe? ›

I Believe

Who made the song I Believe famous? ›

Famous For (I Believe)

Who sang I believe in the 1970s? ›

It later became his signature song and an iconic anthem of the early '70s.
I Believe in Music (song)
"I Believe in Music"
Songwriter(s)Mac Davis
Producer(s)The Tokens, Dave Appell
Mac Davis singles chronology
"Beginning to Feel the Pain" (1971) "I Believe in Music" (1970) "Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me" (1972)
9 more rows

Who wrote Believe by Brooks and Dunn? ›


Is Frankie Laine still alive? ›

Why did Brooks and Dunn Write believe? ›

The song is told from the perspective of a man reflecting back on his childhood and the time he spent with his neighbor Old Man Wrigley. During their visits, Old Man Wrigley told the young boy about the hardships and tragedies he had faced in his life.

Who did a cover of I believe? ›

BelieveCaleigh Lozito
BelieveTaylor Alexander
Believe (triple j Like A Verson) - Cover VersionDMA'sUnverified
BelieveKyle Craft
60 more rows

Who sings the new version of I Believe? ›

Lucy Dacus has offered up a cover of Cher's Nineties club classic, “Believe,” as well as a new version of her own Home Video track, “Partner in Crime,” for the Spotify Singles series.

Whats song is this? ›

To identify songs, open Control Center, then tap the Shazam button . Shazam can identify songs playing on your device even when you're using headphones. To find songs you've identified, touch and hold the Shazam button in Control Center to open your History View. Tap a song to open it in Shazam.

Who originally sang Cara Mia? ›

Jay and the Americans

What are some things people believe? ›

100 Things I Believe In
  • God.
  • Love at first sight.
  • Generosity, open-handedness.
  • Sleep.
  • Kindness that bounces back like a boomerang.
  • The beauty of God's creation.
  • The love of family.
  • Good healthy food!

Who had the biggest hit with I Believe? ›

"I Believe" is a popular song written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham (a pseudonym used by Irvin Abraham), Jimmy Shirl (a pseudonym for Jack Mendelsohn) and Al Stillman in 1953. The most popular version was recorded by Italian-American singer Frankie Laine, and spent eighteen weeks at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart.

When did believe come out by Brooks and Dunn? ›

What does Brooks Dunn sing? ›

Brooks & Dunn

How old is Brooks and Dunn? ›

Founded in 1990, the duo signed to Arista Nashville that year. They have recorded 11 studio albums, one Christmas album and five compilation albums for the label. They also have released 50 singles, of which 20 went to number one on the Hot Country Songs charts and 19 more reached top 10.

Who is Frankie Laine married to? ›

Frankie Laine

How old is Frankie Laine? ›

Where was Frankie Lane born? ›

Who sings the most in Brooks and Dunn? ›

Brooks & Dunn

Who's Brooks and who's Dunn? ›

Brooks & Dunn, popular American country music duo who became a fixture in the genre in the early 1990s. The band comprised Leon Eric (“Kix”) Brooks (b. May 12, 1955, Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.) and Ronnie Gene Dunn (b. June 1, 1953, Coleman, Texas, U.S.).

Who does most of the singing in Brooks and Dunn? ›

He was one half of country music duo Brooks & Dunn. Their 1991 debut album, Brand New Man, generated four number-one hit singles on the country charts. Brooks usually provided backing vocals on their songs and singles.

When was I Believe in Love made? ›

It was written by Loggins with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. The song was introduced by Barbra Streisand in the 1976 film A Star Is Born, and appears on its soundtrack album. It was released in November 1976 as the B-side to the album's first single, "Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)".

When did Don Williams write I believe in you? ›

"I believe in love, I believe in music/ I believe in magic, and I believe in you." Don Williams' 1980 hit "I Believe In You" is an "honest" song with "simple lyrics," according to Roger Cook, who co-wrote it with the late Sam Hogin.

Was the song I Believe in the movie? ›

"Believe" is a song performed by Josh Groban. The lyrics and music were written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri. The song is from the 2004 film The Polar Express and is included on the film soundtrack.
Believe (Josh Groban song)
Single by Josh Groban
LabelWarner Bros.
Composer(s)Alan Silvestri
Lyricist(s)Glen Ballard
7 more rows

Do you Believe in life after love meaning? ›

It's an acknowledgment of the fact that Life changes after you have Loved. There is a Before — Then there is an After of Love. If you're lucky (or not so lucky) you experience this more than once in Your Life. Or so the story goes for Love.

Do you Believe in life after love Year? ›

Did Cher use Auto-Tune? ›

Cher's vocals were recorded on three TASCAM DA-88 digital audio recorders with a Neumann U67 microphone. The effects on Cher's vocals were achieved using the pitch correction software Auto-Tune.

What key does Kanye West sing on? ›

Kanye West - Runaway: Vocal Range & Original Key
Artist / From:Kanye West (artist vocal range)
Original Key:E Major
Vocal range:B2-G#4
Difficulty in Original Key:
Difficulty in optimal Key:
3 more rows

What is the tempo for see a victory? ›

See A Victory is a moody song by Elevation Worship with a tempo of 155 BPM. It can also be used half-time at 78 BPM or double-time at 310 BPM.

What key is famous for Tauren Wells? ›

What can you say instead of I believe? ›

synonyms for believe
  • accept.
  • admit.
  • conclude.
  • consider.
  • have.
  • hold.
  • regard.
  • suppose.

How do you say I believe in an essay without saying I? ›

In conclusion, the formal way to say I believe is to not say it. A few words you could use with this approach: Convincing, compelling and persuasive. They all imply that the author believes the researcher, without implying that anything is definitely true.

How do I find a song that I don't know the name to? ›

Using these tools, you'll be able to identify the next song you come across and never awkwardly belt out nonsensical wrong lyrics ever again.
  1. Shazam. What's that song? ...
  2. SoundHound. SoundHound can listen to you sing the song you want to identify. ...
  3. Google Sound Search. ...
  4. Ask Siri or Alexa.
  5. Genius or Google Search.
30 Dec 2018

How can I find the name of a song by the sound? ›

Shazam, SoundHound & Music Recognition Apps

When you want to find out the name, title, and artist information of a song you hear, you can use a music recognition app. There are several out there. Shazam: Available for both Android and iOS users, this one of the most popular song recognition apps on the market.

Can Siri identify a song by humming? ›

Like Siri, Shazam can't recognize a tune that you sing or hum yourself. If you don't want to use Google for that, then try the SoundHound app (Android or iOS). If you have a Pixel 2 or later Google Pixel phone, there's a handy feature called Now Playing that's built in.

Who sings the new version of I Believe? ›

Lucy Dacus has offered up a cover of Cher's Nineties club classic, “Believe,” as well as a new version of her own Home Video track, “Partner in Crime,” for the Spotify Singles series.

What movie is the song I Believe from? ›

The Polar Express

Who was Frankie Laine married to? ›

Frankie Laine

Who owns the rights to I Believe I Can Fly? ›

"I Believe I Can Fly" - By Robert Kelly - Copyright Universal Music-Z Songs - Song Copyright Information - Easy Song.

Did Michael Jackson know R. Kelly? ›

The Secret Abuse Behind R. Kelly's No. 1 Hit For Michael Jackson

What is R. Kelly net worth 2022? ›

-$2 Million

What can you say instead of I Believe? ›

synonyms for believe
  • accept.
  • admit.
  • conclude.
  • consider.
  • have.
  • hold.
  • regard.
  • suppose.

How do you say I Believe in an essay without saying I? ›

In conclusion, the formal way to say I believe is to not say it. A few words you could use with this approach: Convincing, compelling and persuasive. They all imply that the author believes the researcher, without implying that anything is definitely true.

What are some things people believe? ›

100 Things I Believe In
  • God.
  • Love at first sight.
  • Generosity, open-handedness.
  • Sleep.
  • Kindness that bounces back like a boomerang.
  • The beauty of God's creation.
  • The love of family.
  • Good healthy food!

Who sang the song at the end of Polar Express? ›

Video. "Believe" is a song written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri and performed by Josh Groban. The song plays when the end credits start in the film.

What songs does Josh Groban sing? ›

Josh Groban

Where was Frankie Lane born? ›

How old is Frankie Laine? ›

What was Frankie Laine's big hit? ›

Track Listings
1Moonlight Gambler
2Jealousy (Jalousie)
3High Noon
4Your Cheatin' Heart
5Some Day - Frankie Laine with Paul Weston & His Orchestra
7 more rows

Is Frankie Laine Italian? ›

Singer, composer and author Frankie Laine was born March 30, 1913 in Chicago. His real name was Francesco Paulo LoVecchio and he lived in Chicago's Little Italy. Frankie was the oldest of eight children born to Sicilian immigrants John and Anna Lo Vecchio, who had come from Monreale, Sicily near Palermo.


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(maria mountain824)
5. I Believe By Frankie Laine
6. I believe, for every drop of rain that falls, A flower grows... I believe that s
(yixin wang)

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