Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (2022)

Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (1)

By Madalina Dinita 30 Comments

Windows Spotlight is a Windows 10 feature that displays various images on your screen after locking your computer. The images are automatically downloaded from Bing.

You can mark whether you like a particular image or not. Depending on your preferences, Windows Spotlight will show you more or fewer images of that kind.

Sometimes, the Windows Spotlight lock screen gets stuck on the same picture. Even if you reboot your computer multiple times, Windows Spotlight fails to replace the existing image with a new one.

My Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Image Won’t Change

Let Apps Run in the Background

Before trying any complicated methods, make sure your computer lets apps run in the background.

  1. Go to SettingsPrivacy.
  2. Then scroll down to Background apps (left-hand pane).
  3. Turn on the option that lets apps run in the background.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (2)
  4. Next, go to SettingsPersonalization.
  5. Select Lock screen and enable Windows Spotlight.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (3)
  6. Lock your computer and check if the lock screen is still stuck on the same image.

Disable Metered Internet Connections

If your Internet connection is configured as metered, Windows Spotlight won’t download the images from Bing. That might explain why the lock screen is stuck on the same picture.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then select Network and Internet.
  3. Select your network and scroll down to Metered connection.
  4. Disable this option and restart your computer.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (4)
  5. Then lock your screen to check if this method solved the problem.

Reset Windows Spotlight

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Personalization.
  3. Click on the Lock screen option.
  4. Locate the Background option.
  5. If Windows Spotlight is selected, change the settings and select Picture or Slideshow instead. Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (5)
  6. Then, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  7. In the new Run window, enter this path:
    • %USERPROFILE%/AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\AssetsFix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (6)
  8. Delete all the files stored in that folder. These are old lock screen images.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (7)
  9. Next, open your Windows Spotlight settings by entering this path in a new Run window:
    • %USERPROFILE%/AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\Settings
  10. Locate and right-click on the following settings: settings.dat and roaming.lock. Rename both these files to settings.dat.bak and roaming.lock.bak, respectively.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (8)
  11. After you did that, reboot your machine.
  12. Go back to SettingsPersonalizationLock screen.
  13. Enable Windows Spotlight.
  14. Lock your screen and check if Windows Spotlight is now displaying new images.

Note: Be patient; wait 10 or 30 minutes before jumping to the next solution. It may take up to 30 minutes for the Assets folder to repopulate.

Reset Spotlight Settings Using PowerShell

If the previous method did not yield positive results, try resetting your Windows Spotlight settings using Powershell.

  1. The first step is to go to SettingsPersonalization Lock screen.
  2. Then enable Windows Spotlight.
  3. Next, launch PowerShell (administrator).
  4. Enter the following command:
    • Get-AppxPackage -allusers *ContentDeliveryManager* | foreach {Add-AppxPackage “$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -register }Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (9)
  5. After resetting ContentDelivery, reboot your computer.
  6. Lock your device and check if the Spotlight image is different now.


Some users suggested that changing the region settings to the United States may fix this problem.

Other users managed to fix this issue by installing .NET Framework 3.5. To do this, go to the Start menu and search for ‘Turn Windows features on or off.’ Check the NET Framework 3.5 checkbox.Fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Not Changing - Technipages (10)

Did you manage to fix Windows Spotlight? Let us know in the comments below.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Jody says

    Still not working (I didn’t do the last one because I have no idea what powershell is). The strange thing is that the screen is stuck on my profile or account or whatever, but not on my husband’s (on the same computer). I am very tech illiterate.

  2. Abilene Harper says

    Wow, your instructions were so easy to follow and worked perfectly!
    I love seeing new pictures at startup and am so happy you helped me get them back. Much appreciated!!
    Thank you so much for everything!


    Its worked well-done.
    Awesome easy tutorial. Fixed me right up so now I can enjoy new pictures. Thank you so much again.

  4. Doug says

    None of the above worked

  5. E says

    None of these solutions worked :(

  6. Neil says

    Sorted Thank you so much I had been missing the different pictures

  7. Darline says

    Not working for me. it won’t let me delete the files. to do the next step. Just asks me what I want to open them with

  8. Shrey Mourya says

    Worked like a charm. Thanks a ton!

  9. pmilin says

    Nothing worked for me. In fact now I don’t see a thumbnail image in the lock screen settings anymore. It is just blank. The lock screen still shows the last image that it changed to before it broke..

  10. G says

    Yes! thank you so much. Idk why it was bothering me so much, I never thought I would miss the login picture changing every time I restart. For me, it was the RESET WINDOWS SPOTLIGHT option that did the trick. Thanks again!

  11. Santiago says

    Thank you, my solution was “Reset Windows Spotlight” you’re awesome : )

  12. Dipy says

    Reset Windows Spotlight works! Thanks!

  13. Jeri says

    Option 1 worked like a charm! Thank you! Your step by step instructions were clear, concise and never once did I have to wonder if I was on the right screen or doing the right thing.

  14. Fritz says

    Resetting Windows Spotlight worked. Thanks!

  15. HDung says

    It worked for me! The “reset windows spotlight” works like a charm, it didn’t change for the first few seconds and I was frustrated but then I noticed the changes. Thanks !

  16. Isy says

    It works. I followed all the steps, rebooted, changed to Sporlight and did NOT see any change. I read your note about changing the Region and it immediately changed ( i mean, when jumped back to Settings-> lock screen) i noticed a new Spotlight picture! Tnx.

  17. D says

    Nothing worked…

  18. Ray says

    No joy after trying all of the proposed solutions. Strange that it just stopped working for no apparent reason.

  19. Lindsey says

    My lock screen hasn’t changed for months now. I’ve had this problem in the past but using some of these fixes has helped, now nothing will. No idea what the issue is; I’ve restarted multiple times and done everything shown here, and I still have a picture from August. Usually Power Shell helped for me before, I have an HP laptop.

  20. Navid Anwar says

    Yeah it solved the problem with options above the script of power shell. Rebooted and wow !!!
    Great !!!

  21. Lise says

    nope still having a fixed picture (bummer)

  22. Paul Omorogbe says

    It worked!!!!
    I had tried to fix it before when I went to a website that said it can be solved by copying code. That did not work.
    But the simple 14 steps you gave in OPtion 1 worked!!!

  23. Caroline says

    Tried everything and followed ALL instructions. None of them worked — except from the last one, “windows features”. I’ll change back to my original language and time zone now and see if it stays so.

  24. Diab says

    It’s really frustrating! None of the suggested solutions worked for me! :(

  25. carol says

    Awesome easy tutorial. Fixed me right up so now I can enjoy new pictures! Thanksx10!

  26. Annonymous says

    Changing the Region worked really fast

  27. Shourya Sinha says

    Worked like a charm. Thanks a ton!

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