1000+ best flats for rent in Kolkata,West Bengal (2023)

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When searching for flats for rent , it’s important to be thorough and patient. Take the time to research the properties and landlords, visit the flats in person, and ask questions about the rental terms and conditions before signing a lease. 1000+Flats For Rent In Kolkata,West Bengal .If you have any specific concerns or questions, it’s advisable to consult with a legal professional or a local housing authority to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations in your area. The rules and regulations surrounding flat rentals can vary depending on the country, state, and local laws. However, We can provide you with some general information about common rules and practices that often apply to flat rentals.

1000+ best flats for rent in Kolkata,West Bengal (3)

1000+ best flats for rent in Kolkata,West Bengal (4)

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1000+ best flats for rent in Kolkata,West Bengal (5)

Here are some key points to consider Flats For Rent In Kolkata

Lease Agreement flats for rent :

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between the landlord (property owner) and the tenant (person renting the flat). It outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including the duration, rent amount, payment terms, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and any other rules or restrictions.

Rent Payment flats for rent :

The lease agreement specifies the amount of rent due, the frequency of payment (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and the acceptable payment methods. It’s important to pay the rent on time to avoid late fees or potential eviction.

Security Deposit flats for rent :

Landlords often require tenants to pay a security deposit upfront, which is typically refundable at the end of the tenancy, provided there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear. The specific rules regarding security deposits, such as the amount and how it should be held, may vary by jurisdiction.

Maintenance and Repairs flats for rent :

The responsibilities for maintenance and repairs should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. In general, landlords are responsible for major repairs and ensuring that the property is habitable, while tenants are responsible for minor maintenance tasks and keeping the flat clean.

Tenant Rights flats for rent :

Tenants have certain rights, which may include the right to a safe and habitable living environment, privacy, and protection against unfair eviction practices. Familiarize yourself with the tenant rights specific to your jurisdiction to understand your entitlements and protections.

Termination of Lease flats for rent :

The lease agreement should specify the notice period required for both the landlord and the tenant to terminate the tenancy. This notice period can vary, but it is often 30 days or one month.

Subletting flats for rent :

Some landlords allow tenants to sublet their flats to other individuals, while others prohibit subletting. If you’re interested in subletting, make sure to check the terms and obtain written permission from the landlord.

The cost of renting a flat in good condition can vary widely depending on several factors such as the location, size, amenities, and local market conditions. Additionally, different cities and countries have different rental price ranges.

To get an idea of the rental prices in your desired location, you can start by searching online real estate platforms, classified ads, or contacting local real estate agents. These sources will provide you with an overview of the current rental market and the prices for flats that meet your criteria.

When searching for a flat, keep in mind that the rental price may also depend on other factors such as:

  1. Location flats for rent : Flats located in prime or desirable areas within a city tend to have higher rental prices compared to those in less popular or remote locations.

  2. Size and Layout flats for rent : Larger flats or flats with additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or amenities like balconies or parking spaces typically command higher rental prices.

  3. Condition and Quality flats for rent : Flats in better condition, recently renovated, or with modern amenities may have higher rental costs compared to older or less well-maintained properties.

    (Video) Freshia- 6 Lane Rajarhat Expressway- 2 BHK - Rs. 34.74 Lakh Onw. & 3 BHK - Rs. 45.07 Lakh Onw.

  4. Local Market Demand flats for rent : Rental prices can be influenced by supply and demand dynamics in the local market. In high-demand areas with limited rental options, prices may be higher.

  5. Additional Amenities flats for rent : If the flat offers additional amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, or 24/7 security, the rental price may be higher to account for these features.

To get a more accurate estimate of rental prices in your specific location, it is recommended to conduct thorough research using local resources or consult with real estate professionals familiar with the area. This will help you find a good condition flat for rent within your budget.

If you're interested in finding flats for rent directly from owners, there are a few methods you can try

  1. Online Real Estate Platforms: Websites and mobile apps dedicated to real estate listings often have filters that allow you to search specifically for flats being rented out by owners. Look for options that mention “owner” or “private landlord” in the property description.

  2. Classified Ads: Check local classified ads in newspapers, online classified websites, or community bulletin boards. Some owners prefer advertising their rental properties directly through these channels.

  3. Social Media Groups: Join local community groups or housing-related groups on social media platforms. Many owners post rental listings directly in these groups, providing an opportunity for direct contact.

  4. Word of Mouth: Inform your friends, family, and colleagues that you’re looking for a flat to rent. Sometimes, they may know someone who has a flat available for rent or can connect you with owners they are familiar with.

  5. Local Property Management Companies: Some property management companies handle rentals on behalf of owners, but they may have listings specifically managed by individual owners. Contact these companies and inquire about any flats available for rent directly from owners.

When contacting owners, be prepared with a list of questions and arrange for a viewing of the property if possible. Make sure to discuss the terms, conditions, and rental agreement details directly with the owner to ensure a clear understanding.

Remember to exercise caution and conduct thorough research when dealing with individual owners. It’s always a good idea to verify the ownership and legitimacy of the property and sign a proper lease agreement to protect both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

If you prefer to work with a real estate agent to find a flat for rent, here are some steps you can take
  1. Research Real Estate Agents: Look for reputable real estate agencies or agents in your desired location. You can search online, ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues, or check local directories.

  2. Contact Real Estate Agents: Reach out to the agents or agencies you have identified. You can call them, send an email, or submit an inquiry through their website. Provide them with your requirements, such as the desired location, budget, size, and any specific preferences.

  3. Schedule Meetings or Property Viewings: Arrange a meeting with the real estate agent to discuss your needs and preferences in more detail. If possible, visit their office to have a face-to-face discussion. Alternatively, you can request property viewings for the flats they have available for rent.

    (Video) Merlin Rise on 6 Lane Rajarhat Kolkata is where you live out of the box

  4. Communicate Your Requirements: Clearly communicate your requirements to the real estate agent, including your budget, preferred location, desired amenities, and any specific needs you may have. The agent will then search for suitable flats that match your criteria.

  5. Review and Visit Potential Flats: The agent will provide you with a list of potential flats for rent that meet your requirements. Take the time to review the property details, photos, and any other relevant information provided by the agent. If you find a flat that interests you, arrange for a viewing to see the property in person.

  6. Rental Agreement and Negotiation: If you find a suitable flat, the agent will assist you with the rental agreement process. They can help negotiate the terms and conditions with the landlord on your behalf. Make sure to carefully review the rental agreement and clarify any doubts before signing.

  7. Agent’s Fee: Keep in mind that real estate agents typically charge a fee or commission for their services. The fee structure may vary, so it’s important to discuss and understand the agent’s fee arrangement beforehand.

Working with a real estate agent can be beneficial as they have access to a wide range of rental properties and can provide guidance throughout the process. They can also assist with paperwork, negotiations, and any issues that may arise during the tenancy.

  1. Determine Your Requirements flats for rent : Decide on the location, budget, size, and amenities you are looking for in a flat. Consider factors such as proximity to schools, workplaces, transportation, and necessary facilities.

  2. Search Online Platforms flats for rent : There are various online platforms where you can find flats for rent in India. Some popular websites include Magicbricks, 99acres, Housing.com, and Common floor. Use the search filters to narrow down your options based on your requirements.

  3. Engage with Real Estate Agents flats for rent : Real estate agents in India can assist you in finding suitable flats for rent. You can contact local agents and provide them with your requirements. They will help you identify available options and arrange property viewings.

  4. Local Classifieds and Newspapers flats for rent : Check local newspapers and classified ads for flat rental listings. Some cities in India have dedicated newspapers or classifieds for real estate listings.

  5. Networking and Word of Mouth: Inform your friends, colleagues, and local acquaintances that you are looking for a flat to rent. They may have leads or recommendations that can help you find a suitable place.

  6. Property Visits and Verification: Once you identify potential flats, schedule visits to physically inspect the properties. Take note of the condition, amenities, and any concerns you may have. Also, verify the ownership and legal aspects of the property.

  7. Negotiate and Finalize Terms: If you find a suitable flat, negotiate the rent, security deposit, lease duration, and other terms with the landlord or their representative. Ensure that all agreements are documented in a rental agreement or lease agreement, which should include the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

  8. Security Deposit and Documentation: Pay the agreed-upon security deposit to the landlord as per the terms of the rental agreement. Make sure to get a proper receipt for the deposit. Additionally, provide any necessary documentation, such as identification proof or address proof, as required by the landlord or local laws.

  9. Move-In and Inspection: Before moving into the flat, conduct a thorough inspection to document the existing condition of the property. Take photographs or videos to avoid any disputes regarding damages during your tenancy.

  10. Rent Payment and Tenancy: Pay the monthly rent as per the agreed-upon terms. Ensure timely rent payments throughout the tenancy and maintain open communication with the landlord or property manager regarding any maintenance or repair needs.

Remember to familiarize yourself with local rental laws and regulations specific to the state or city in India where you are renting the flat. This will help ensure that your tenancy is legally compliant and that your rights as a tenant are protected.

flats for rent in Kolkata

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1000+ best flats for rent in Kolkata,West Bengal (6)


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Which area is best for flat in Kolkata? ›

Bhawanipur-Best Place to live in Kolkata

Ballygunge, Alipore, Maidan, Elgin, and Park Street, are some of the prominent localities encompassing Bhawanipur. The locality offers a mix of high-rise apartments, independent houses, and bungalows.

Is it good time to buy flat in Kolkata? ›

Often times it is the largest investment people make during their lifetime. According to real estate experts, now is the right time to buy a home. There are multiple reasons for this. Interest rates at their lowest level and the property market is holding on to affordable rates.

How can I get flat in Kolkata? ›

5 Steps to Buy Affordable Flats in Kolkata
  1. Step 1: Preparing A Budget to Buy Flat in Kolkata. ...
  2. Step 2: Searching the Desired Real Estate Property. ...
  3. Step 3: Apply for Home Loan and Design the Roadmap for Payment. ...
  4. Step 4: Receive the allotment Letter and Sale Agreement. ...
  5. Step 5: Possession and Registration.
Mar 27, 2018

What is the average flat size in Kolkata? ›

In Kolkata, the average apartment size increased by 10 per cent, from 1,000 sq ft in 2019 to 1,100 sq ft in 2020.

Which floor is best to live in apartment in Kolkata? ›

According to Vastu the ground, first, second and third floors are the best floors to live in because they are close to the water element. Any apartment above the fourth floor is devoid of water elements, which can generate a tussle in relationships.

Which are the safest places in Kolkata? ›

Safest Area in Kolkata: Salt Lake City (Bidhan Nagar)

Always remember: pedestrians do not have the right of way in India, except (usually) at a red traffic light.

Is resale value of a flat good? ›

Nothing can be more profitable than purchasing a flat at a price much lesser than the market rate. Moreover, the resale flats are fully constructed and come with a ready-to-move-in tag. One of the biggest benefits that the resale apartments provide is the tax benefit after gaining possession.

What are the charges for buying a flat in Kolkata? ›

Stamp duty on other property documents and instruments in West Bengal in 2023
InstrumentStamp dutyRegistration fee
Sale agreement (where the market value of the property does not exceed Rs 30 lakh)Rs 5,000Rs 7
Sale agreement (where the market value of the property is between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 60 lakh)Rs 7,000Rs 7
18 more rows
Apr 25, 2023

Where do I start when buying a flat? ›

What's in this guide
  • Stage 1 – Find a property you can afford.
  • Stage 2 – Make an offer.
  • Stage 3 – Arrange a solicitor and surveyor.
  • Stage 4 – Finalise the offer and mortgage.
  • Stage 5 – Exchange contracts.
  • Stage 6 – Completion and final steps.

How much does it cost for a single person to live in Kolkata? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Kolkata?
Area of ExpenseBachelors or StudentsFamily of Four (2 Adults + 2 Kids)
Accommodation₹ 4,000 - ₹ 9,000₹ 12,000 - ₹ 60,000
Groceries₹ 1,500 - ₹ 3,000₹ 6,000 - ₹ 24,000
Transport₹ 1,000 - ₹ 1,500₹ 1,500 - ₹ 3,000
Utilities₹ 1,000 - ₹ 3,000₹ 2,200 - ₹ 3,000
2 more rows
Apr 13, 2023

What is the minimum cost of living in Kolkata? ›

How much does it cost to live in Kolkata per month? In Kolkata, the cost of living is roughly 10,000 to 40,000 per month.

How can I save money on a flat? ›

We've got some tips to help you save money when you're flatting.
  1. Pick a good house. If you select the right property from the outset, you can make huge savings. ...
  2. Save on transport. ...
  3. Make sure the finances are fair. ...
  4. How much do you pay for your room? ...
  5. Cook smart. ...
  6. Make sure the house is in good condition.

How many feet is 3 bedroom flat? ›

Apartment plans with 3 bedrooms provide extra space for families, groups like college students, or anyone who wants to spread out in their living space. With a typical size of 800 - 1400 sq ft (about 75 - 130 m2), these layouts usually contain 3 bedrooms and 2 or 2.5 bathrooms.

Which city has cheapest flats in India? ›

Top 10 Cheapest Cities in India to Live in 2022
  • Navi Mumbai. ...
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan. ...
  • Surat, Gujarat. ...
  • Banglore. ...
  • Ghaziabad. ...
  • Ahmedabad. ...
  • Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. ...
  • Gurugram. In the top 10 cheapest cities to buy a home in India in 2022, on last we have Gurugram.
Jan 24, 2023

How big is 3-room flat? ›

What Is the Size of a 3-Room BTO? A 3-room BTO can be anywhere between 60 to 69 sqm., the average being 66 sqm.

Which is the richest place to live in Kolkata? ›

Alipore is considered one of the most richest areas in Kolkata. Where do rich live in Kolkata? Alipore, parts of South Kolkata, Ballygunge are some of the more posh residential areas in Kolkata.

Which is the cheapest place to live in Kolkata? ›

The best and cheapest areas to live in Kolkata are Salt lake City, Dum Dum, Rajarhat, Tollygunge, Ballygunge, etc.

Which is better flat or apartment? ›

Flat, as per British English, means a set of rooms forming an individual residence, typically on one floor and within a larger building. Together they are also called a block of flats. The term apartment is preferred by Americans since it often gives an impression of luxury.

Which is the most beautiful city in Kolkata? ›

Tourist Places in Kolkata:
Victoria MemorialHowrah Bridge
Jorasanko Thakur BariMarble Palace Mansion
Princep GhatBirla Mandir
Science CityFort William
Kalighat Kali TempleSt. Paul's Cathedral
12 more rows

Is Kolkata safe for American tourists? ›


If you're a first-time traveler here, you will most certainly get scammed as this country is notorious for scams performed on tourists. Taxi scams with taxi drivers convincing you to take other accommodation are very common, as are those where vendors give you less change than they should.

Which is more safe Mumbai or Kolkata? ›

Kolkata has topped the list of cities with the least number of cognisable offences per lakh of its population, making the metropolis the safest city of India in 2021, according to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

Are flats more difficult to sell? ›

Historically, it has been fairly easy to sell a flat, especially in cities. More affordable than a house, and often requiring less upkeep, flats have particularly appealed to young professionals who are keen to get a foot on the property ladder and those looking for a 'pied a terre'.

What devalues a flat? ›

If you're looking to sell, here are 9 things that can devalue your property and drive down your sale price.
  • Poor presentation and too much clutter. ...
  • Loud colours and quirky decor. ...
  • Your home's curb appeal. ...
  • Odours. ...
  • Sub-par DIY renovations. ...
  • Illegal home improvements. ...
  • A general state of disrepair. ...
  • Outdated kitchens and bathrooms.
Mar 30, 2023

Is it worth buying a 10 year old apartment in Bangalore? ›

Yep, there is always chances of price getting hiked in bangalore. So it always a good choice to have an apartment or land of your own. 10 year old doesn't matter, the only thing which matters is the area. Try buying it in some good place.

How much does a property lawyer charge in Kolkata? ›

Average Fee Of Advocates In Kolkata For Flat Registration

It depends on the expertise and nature of the lawyer. Some advocates ask for up to 4%, while others ask for as low as 0.75% of the property value. The registry and stamp duty charges are exempted from this fee.

How much is stamp duty on lease in Kolkata? ›

The stamp duty in Kolkata for properties worth less than Rs. 25 lakhs in a corporation, municipality and other notified areas, is fixed at 6%.
Stamp Duty in Kolkata
Property LocationLess than Rs. 25 lakhsMore than Rs. 40 lakhs
Corporation Area (Kolkata/Howrah)6%7%
2 more rows
Jan 31, 2023

What documents required to purchase a flat in Kolkata? ›

Real estate in India: Documents required for house registration and buying a flat in kolkata
  • Allotment Letter. ...
  • Sale Agreement. ...
  • Payment receipts. ...
  • Property Tax Receipts. ...
  • Sale Deed. ...
  • Completion Certificate. ...
  • Copy of Building Plan. ...
  • Proof of payment of stamp duty.

How much deposit do you need to put on a flat? ›

Can you get a mortgage with a 10% deposit? Yes – most banks like to see that you have a 10% deposit for the property you're buying. With a 10% deposit, you'll be offered lower interest rates. As you're borrowing less and have a lower interest rate, your monthly repayments will be lower.

Is buying flat a good investment in India? ›

If one is merely looking to invest funds for a few years until ready to make a commitment pertaining to one's house, a plot in a prime location that will see appreciation in the future would be a good idea. However, if one is looking for regular returns, investing in a flat is the better option.

What is the good salary to live in Kolkata? ›

Employees in Kolkata earn an average of ₹19.5lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹15.0lakhs to ₹50.0lakhs based on 11517 profiles.

How much salary is needed to live comfortably in Kolkata? ›

Summary of cost of living in Kolkata, India: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,096.7$ (90,849.9₹) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 320.2$ (26,524.1₹) without rent. Kolkata is 77.5% less expensive than New York (without rent).

What are some disadvantages of living in Kolkata India? ›

  • Not a lot of cafes and restaurants, places to relax and have some entertainment.
  • Overfilled with people.
  • Freedom of speech is quite limited.
  • High temperature in summer.
  • Students do not score enough for the average educational level.
  • Not appropriate for families with children.

What is middle class income in Kolkata? ›

A person working in Kolkata typically earns around ₹60,000 per month (After tax) and it's not qualification specific. ₹60,000 is a good salary according to the average cost of living which is ₹40,000.

What is the average income in Kolkata? ›

The average salary for Freshers is ₹16,000 per month in the Calcutta. The average additional cash compensation for a Freshers in the Calcutta is ₹46,800, with a range from ₹46,800 - ₹46,800. Salaries estimates are based on 10 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Freshers employees in the Calcutta.

Can you save money while renting? ›

One of the easiest ways to cut your rent in half and save some big bucks is by finding a roommate. Think half the rent cost and half the utility bills. That adds up to some serious savings that you can apply toward your down payment. Check out these tips for living with a roommate.

How to save money for first apartment? ›

How to save money for an apartment
  1. Start a separate savings account. Set yourself up for success by making sure you can clearly see how you're pacing toward your savings goal. ...
  2. Be realistic with your budget. ...
  3. Cut unnecessary costs. ...
  4. Sell things you don't need. ...
  5. Consider public transportation.
Sep 27, 2019

How much money should I save before buying a house in India? ›

This means the minimum down payment for home loans in India is 20%. If you're looking to buy a house worth one crore rupees, then you need to have a minimum of Rs. 20,00,000.00 as down payment ready.

Which area is posh in Kolkata? ›

Posh areas in Kolkata: Ballygunge

Being the most elite neighborhood in south Kolkata, Ballygunge houses several well-known restaurants, educational institutions and boutiques for the best silk fabric in the city. Popular markets like Kasba Market and Gariahat Market are within walking distance.

Which area is cheapest in Kolkata? ›

The best and cheapest areas to live in Kolkata are Salt lake City, Dum Dum, Rajarhat, Tollygunge, Ballygunge, etc.

Which place is better in Kolkata? ›

Tourist Places in Kolkata:
Victoria MemorialHowrah Bridge
Jorasanko Thakur BariMarble Palace Mansion
Princep GhatBirla Mandir
Science CityFort William
Kalighat Kali TempleSt. Paul's Cathedral
12 more rows

Which is the slum area in Kolkata? ›

What Dharavi is to Mumbai, the Belgachia slum is to Kolkata. Even though it's less than one-tenth of the size of Dharavi but it is one of the largest and most densely populated 'Bustees' in Kolkata, with over one lakh population.

Where do millionaires live in Kolkata? ›

Bhowanipore, Kolkata

Located in southern Kolkata, Bhawanipore is known as an entertainment hotspot of the city. This area is famous for the residences of wealthy business families, film celebrities and rich immigrants.

How many millionaires live in Kolkata? ›

In the western city of Kolkata, there are 12000 millionaires, 49 centi-millionaires and seven billionaires.

What is the best place to live with in West Bengal? ›

3 best cities to live in West Bengal are Kolkata, Howrah, and Bidhannagar. More than 30% population of West Bengal live in cities with quality of life more than 29/100.

How much money is enough to live in Kolkata? ›

Summary of cost of living in Kolkata, India: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,096.7$ (90,849.9₹) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 320.2$ (26,524.1₹) without rent. Kolkata is 77.5% less expensive than New York (without rent).

How much money you need to live in Kolkata? ›

How much does it cost to live in Kolkata per month? In Kolkata, the cost of living is roughly 10,000 to 40,000 per month.

Which is the cheapest city to live in West Bengal? ›

1. BARASAT: In the survey Barasat has scored the top position in the Top 6 Cheapest/Town of West Bengal based on the survey of ESPY-TNI Research. The historical town was famous from the time of Pratapaditya (The then King of Jessore, Bangladesh).

Which is better north or south Kolkata? ›

The way the residents think and feel has a huge impact on the overall lifestyle and this is again where the North and South Kolkatans differ. The people of North Kolkata are more connected with their roots and look forward to preserving the Bengali culture.

Which street is the best in Kolkata? ›

Park Street & Camac Street in top 10, Kolkata's glamorous shopping hubs rank among India's best - Times of India.

What are the top 3 slum? ›

The World's Largest Slums: Dharavi, Kibera, Khayelitsha & Neza.

Which is the dirtiest slums in India? ›

Dharavi is a suburb in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It has often been considered to be one of the world's largest slums. Dharavi has an area of just over 2.39 square kilometres (0.92 sq mi; 590 acres) and a population of about 1,000,000.
DistrictMumbai City
18 more rows

Which is the poor place in West Bengal? ›

In West Bengal, the report said, high-poverty districts are Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar, North and South Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia and Birbhum, where between 41 per cent to 60 per cent of the people live below the poverty line.


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